My Statement of Calling


I was called to intentional ministry in 1993 during my days of working at FBC, Duncan. Having grown up in an exciting youth group with some amazing people in my life who used me and allowed me to serve, I knew God was calling me out for ministry in everything I do. As a result of so many amazing people pouring into me and keeping me headed down the right path I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life investing in others and leading them to God as so many have done for me.

I once thought that my calling would be in vocational church ministry only. However, God has taken me through some unexpected areas in life and has taught me a great deal about meeting people’s needs that I may have otherwise never learned. I have had the privilege of serving in many different areas (hospital chaplain, sheriff & police chaplain, funeral director, disaster services, homeless ministries, and retail) and I have seen God do some amazing things in all of them. My responsibility is to take those lessons and impact the kingdom as a result wherever He leads.