Work History


Lowe’s Home Improvement                                  2019-Present
Norman, OK                                                      Millwork Specialist

Sales Specialist for the Millwork Department. Responsible for sales of Millwork products and installations. Also responsible for learning all other areas of sales in the store in order to serve customers and meet store goals. While Lowe’s was never a place I saw myself working, I can confidently say that this was His provision at a time when I needed it the most. God has proven time and time again that He is in control of my life and plan and I will use this time to continue His work until the next step in my journey is revealed. I thoroughly enjoy working with the people of Lowe’s, both employees and customers, meeting their needs and sharing Christ’s love as the opportunity presents itself. My time at Lowe’s has also taught me a great deal about the people who fill our pews week after week, their needs and struggles.

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma                2017-2019
Oklahoma City, OK                                      Chaplaincy Specialist

Director of the Chaplaincy ministry and Chaplains for the Southern Baptist state convention of Oklahoma. Responsible for overseeing the training and endorsement process of the ministry. Training included many from the community in diverse areas of service (e.g. Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Management, etc.). Certified to teach Operational Stress First Aid and the Southern Baptist foundational Chaplain training manual. Supported and resourced many Chaplains in the field financially as well as with curriculum for their areas of service. Supervised over thirty Southern Baptist started and ran free health clinic across the state and thirty feeding programs across the state. Traveled across the state recruiting churches and chaplains for the ministry.

The Salvation Army-OKC Area Command               2014-2017
Oklahoma City, OK                   ER Disaster Services Coordinator
& Facilities Manager

Full-time Director of Emergency Services for the Arkansas/Oklahoma Division of The Salvation Army (TSA). Responsible for developing ministry and humanitarian aid to those in disaster personally, financially, emotionally and spiritually. In addition to the response provided in my two state division, I have also been deployed to TX, GA, SC, and NC as a member of TSA Territorial Incident Command Team. Am a certified trainer of the various disaster training courses offered by TSA and responsible for training volunteers and keeping them engaged/equipped. Also began a ministry called NightWatch which serves as an outreach to the homeless and severely impoverished of Oklahoma City in an effort to affect life change and bring salvation through offering aid and sharing the Gospel. Also responsible for four buildings, four homes, and multiple cars for Oklahoma, Canadian, and Cleveland Counties as Facilities Manager.

First Baptist Church                                                 2013 – 2014
Pauls Valley, OK                                                      Senior Pastor

Full-time pastor of church. Supervisor to four full-time and two part-time staff. Began missions emphasis within the church and implemented a year-round Wednesday night children’s program, including staffing and calendaring for the community. Unfortunately this church had some serious underlying issues that I uncovered and was hatefully attacked. If you need a reference from this source I would recommend contacting Terry Mott, DOM of the Arbuckle Baptist Association or Kevin Wilkins included in my references. You will not get truth from contacting the church. I also have others who were members at the time you could contact that would give a more truth account.

Hillside Baptist Church                                            2003 – 2013
Wellington, KS                                                                     Pastor

Full-time pastor of church in community of 8,000. When I arrived at the church they were running an average of 65 in Sunday school and 80-85 in worship. When I left, the church was averaging 90 in Sunday school and 115-120 in worship. During my time at HBC, because of staffing/leadership challenges, I led all worship services and choirs (7 years) and served as Pastor to Youth (4 years).

Additional Employment Experience

Hawks-Shelley Funeral Home                                  2010 – 2013
Wellington, KS                      Assistant Funeral Director, Licensed

I began assisting the Shelleys with their funerals in 2005. I became so involved that they licensed me as an Assistant Funeral Director in order to conduct my own funeral services and watch the funeral home while they were away.

Sumner County Sheriff’s Department                     2007 – 2011
Wellington, KS                                                      Sheriff’s Deputy

In 2006, I joined the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department as their chaplain and part-time deputy. In 2007, I was approached about filling one of their part-time positions as a Deputy. I took the position and served with them for almost five years. During that time I officiated two of the Deputy’s weddings, involved them in many of our church’s events, and became two of the Deputy’s pastor.

Fielder Road Baptist Church                                   2002 – 2003
Arlington, TX                                     Pastoral Care Ministry Intern

Worked with the Associate Pastor/Missions/Evangelism Minister, Kevin Cottrell.  Our motto was, “If it is not music or Sunday school it is us.”  I was involved in such activities as preaching, hospital visits, planning evangelism events, and many other activities.  I am always on call to preach, which has been very helpful in my sermon preparation.

Apartment Life                                                          2002 – 2003
Arlington, TX                                                            CARES Team

My wife Kayla and I shared in this apartment-based ministry called Apartment Life.  We were the Community Activities Resident Services (C.A.R.E.S.) Team.  Our responsibilities were to enrich resident lives through planning community activities, educational seminars, and assisting in times of special needs.  We spent forty hours per month (eighty hours cooperatively) with the residents and staff seeking to meet the needs of the residents and build community within the complex.

Recreation Aerobics Center (RAC)                         2000 – 2003
Ft. Worth, TX                                       Administrative Coordinator

My responsibilities included overseeing the hiring of all personnel, monitoring their work, and overseeing all of the Recreation Aerobic Center’s (RAC) programs and services. I was also responsible for ensuring all of the students, faculty, alumni, and guests have a great ministry experience when they enter the RAC.  I conducted the weekly staff meetings for a time of prayer and staff business.  Additional responsibilities include planning, organizing, and executing the Seminary Stride, the RAC’s 5K run.

First Baptist Church                                                 1998 – 1999
Wynnewood, OK                                           Youth/Music Minister

Led both youth and worship ministries during this time. Within the Youth Ministry, I was responsible for all activities, trips, lessons, and discipleship. Developed a strong volunteer ministry team that grew to fifteen solid helpers and teachers. This group was so active and well developed that the Youth Ministry continued to grow after I left and until they got a new Youth Pastor a year and a half later. During my time there our youth group grew in general attendance from 25 youth on Sunday mornings to 40 consistently meeting with us and from 30 on Wednesday nights to 55 during the school year and 70 youth during the summer. Every summer for camp we would take approximately 70 youth. Within the Worship Ministry, I was responsible for planning overall service in coordination with the Pastor, all worship music of all services, leading the worship choir and all practices, seasonal music/cantata preparation, and upkeep of all worship service/sanctuary equipment. I was also involved in other staff functions like funerals, visitation, committees, etc.

First Baptist Church                                                 1996 – 1998
Stonewall, OK                                                         Youth Minister

This was my first full-time ministry position. FBC was a great church to serve in. Responsible for entire youth related activities (activities, trips, camps, service, ministry, and discipleship). Youth group grew from 8 youth to 25 youth that consistently attended the various activities. Over the years I have been contacted by three of the youth and told the positive impact I had on their lives. One became a Pastor and one became a police officer.